In an age when everything is digital, I still prefer to flip through the pages of a book, send a hand written note, and sketch on paper. I want my family to see images hanging on the walls in our home and printed in albums. As a kid, I remember going through my parents’ wedding album over and over again. I loved seeing how young and in love they were on their wedding day. I remember how my parents’ childhood pictures took me back to a time when life seemed a little less complicated. Those tangible images are a way for me to connect to my past and my heritage. They document a life that will inevitably change. They are what remain long after our loved ones are gone. They are what tell the stories when our family is no longer around to give first hand accounts. They preserve a moment that will eventually be forgotten.

Your life, as it is right now, is worth remembering.

Philadelphia Documentary Family Photographer | ANITA JOY PHOTOGRAPHY