Manni Family | Storytelling

I met Katy about a year ago and instantly knew she had something special to offer the world. She's one of those people who makes you feel comfortable and willing to share what's on your heart. This is an incredible gift, especially considering she has her hands full as a wife and mother of four. But no matter what's going on in her own life, she'll always make time for others. Katy is also a talented writer. If you have a few minutes head over to her blog, Dear Emmy. She openly shares letters to her youngest daughter, Emmy, who was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at 8 months old. Her perspective is definitely worth your time.

Katy and her husband, Pete, were gracious enough to welcome me into their home several weeks ago. I spent an afternoon documenting what it looks like to be part of their family. My hope is that they can look back on these images years from now and remember exactly what it felt like during this time in their lives. They both work so hard as parents and deserve to be recognized for their selflessness. Thanks to the Manni family for being authentic and blessing me with a few hours of fun.