Liz + Brad

I don't think these two could love each other any more. Let's start there because isn't that the most important thing? Sometimes there are couples you can envision walking hand in hand for as a many years as this life affords them. Brad and Liz are that kind of couple. 

Brad is from PA and Liz grew up in Kentucky. He listens to Mumford and Sons and she's a Taylor Swift fan. They met in college but didn't start dating until a few years later when they were living in different states. Eventually Liz packed up her New York City life and moved closer to Brad because we all know that long-distance relationships are less than ideal.

Liz will always be a southern girl at heart so for the months following her move, she made sure she looked her best whenever they spent time together. She anticipated a proposal at any moment and wanted her hair, nails and outfit to be perfect when it happened. Brad had other plans. :) Finally, at the end of May in Valley Forge Park where they had one of their first dates, Brad asked Liz to marry him.

They now grow vegetables in a garden for their cooking endeavors, sip coffee together on Sunday mornings and are self-described old souls. They are pretty much the cutest couple around. I feel blessed to have met them and it was truly inspiring to spend a few hours capturing their love.