The Corbins Visit Hanover

More than half a year ago when we were all preparing to stuff our faces with Thanksgiving food, I hung out with these two for a few hours. Evan was just a newborn and they both still lived in PA. That has changed but luckily for me the family decided to spend a weekend at Codorus State Park so their dogs could compete in the Keystone DockDogs Competition. Not only did they drive countless hours with 2 little ones, 2 dogs and a minivan full of supplies, but they slept in a tent! I have a lot of respect for anyone who actively chooses an adventure like that. 

Evan wanted to investigate everything within arms reach. He found the mulch on the playground particularly intriguing and thought it looked like a tasty snack. And Natalie had her eyes set on some water exploration in Lake Marburg. I didn't prepare accordingly and made the carefully thought out decision to get into the lake as well while wearing jeans. In the end, it was definitely worth it!

Hopefully we can make this a yearly tradition and next time I'll bring a wetsuit!