Aiden in his backyard

There's a part of me that really wishes I could remember being one. Everything is new and exciting and the smallest accomplishments are a huge deal. Imagine (as an adult) being cheered on when you stand up or take a few steps. You'd feel like you had conquered the world by the end of the day!

Aiden turned one recently and although he couldn't convey how he felt about this important milestone, he did let us know what he thought about EVERY aspect of the session. You can ask his parents for details about the last 5 minutes. :)

As a side note: we did this session in his backyard where there was grass to explore, child-sized outdoor chairs and a sandbox built into the patio! Shouldn't every kid have a sandbox of their own? I think so! I've found that some of the best sessions are in a setting like this, where everyone can relax in a familiar environment. And as a bonus, the location is meaningful to the family and will forever connect them to a specific time in their lives. All families should have more images like that.

As you go through your Monday try to remember what it's like to be one again. See life through that innocent perspective. I'm certain it will make your day a whole lot better!