I always dream about being able to travel but for some reason I rarely make it happen. You would think as someone who works from home and creates her own schedule, I'd make it more of a priority. I need to work on that!

Anyway, back in February, a friend posted a picture on Instagram of a delicious meal she was enjoying with her husband in Denver. I LOVE FOOD. And although I'm a pescatarian (vegetarian who eats technically not a vegetarian but whatever) most meals, even ones with bacon, look delicious to me. So delicious that I'd be willing to book a flight to a different state to enjoy that meal. One thing led to another and within a matter of hours I, along with my sister and her sisters, were planning a trip to Denver. The combination of FOOD and SOCIAL MEDIA is a powerful thing. Unfortunately when you're trying to plan a trip around the schedules of 7 women, it doesn't always work out the way you want. So we put the trip on hold....for now.

I however was determined to go somewhere. My husband, Brian, has friends who live in Arizona and they had been wanting us to visit ever since the last time we were there for their wedding in 2010. I looked at flights and had 2 round trip tickets booked a few days later. Done and done. They were gracious enough to let us stay in their beautiful home in Phoenix while we were there. We spent time hiking around Phoenix and Sedona and enjoying the change in scenery. Arizona in March is much nicer than PA in March. And most importantly we finally met their daughter, Norah!

Thanks for giving us a place to relax, explore and hang out with friends!